corporate philosophy

The meaning of MEAN WELL's brand is "with goodwill", which is also the core value of the company. We believe that a reliable company, reliable people and reliable products are the foundation of a company.

Business philosophy

Pursuit of excellence, sustainable operation, creating profit and giving back to the group

We firmly believe that enterprises must continue to pursue excellence, innovation and improvement in order to achieve sustainable operation and long-lasting business. While creating profits, they also take corporate social responsibility into consideration.

New Mingwei Mode

Quality policy

"Comprehensive Quality Assurance, Customer Satisfaction" is MEAN WELL's quality policy. We insist that the power supply industry must be a trusted business. In addition to performance and cost considerations, we must also pay attention to the reliability of long-term product use. Quality is like the trunk that supports the steady growth of an enterprise, and it is also an important indicator to obtain long-term trust from customers. Therefore, MEAN WELL comprehensively implements the quality management system (TQM) to reduce the after-sale maintenance rate and the manufacturing failure rate by 10% every year. The quality assurance unit strictly implements the verification (DVT / DQT) from the design time. With the quality control of IQC / IPQC / FQC at the manufacturing end, it ensures that all products shipped from the factory have the highest quality specifications.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Promote company-wide quality management, implement education and training and standardization, implement source management, implement preventive measures and recurrence prevention

Customer satisfaction

To meet the needs of customers, provide products and services with the best combination of quality, quantity and cost for a long time.

Environmental Security Policy

The company's main business items are research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and service of switching power supply series products. In order to fulfill its responsibility for environmental safety, it is willing to ensure that in the process of activities, products and services, The shock is appropriate.

The company promises:
Promote company-wide environmental safety and health management, implement preventive measures and implement continuous improvement
Comply with applicable environmental safety regulations and other relevant requirements
Committed to the development of energy-saving products, promotion of green supply chains, and reduction of environmental impact
Implement risk assessment management and education and training to achieve the goal of no major occupational disasters
To fulfill corporate social responsibility, provide a safe and healthy working environment, and encourage employees to participate in environmental protection and public welfare activities
Regularly review the environmental safety and health goals and communicate the above policies to employees and stakeholders, and make them public.

Intellectual property policy

Deepen employee intellectual property awareness
Thick company intellectual property
Strong Intellectual Property Management System
Safeguarding the creation of intellectual property rights