Founder's Message

MEAN WELL was founded in 1982, starting from an apartment building with a capital of NT1 million and 100 square meters. It has gone all the way and switched from Linear Power Supply to Switching Power Supply. From PC power supply and then focus on industrial power supply, so far To the development, design, manufacture and marketing of a wide range of standard power supplies. Over the years, thanks to the support of suppliers, the affirmation of distributors and users, Mingwei can grow steadily. ,就是这样的文化支持我们能够长久稳定成长: People often ask me, "What is the driving force for maintaining Mingwei's stable growth?" I think it should be "Mingwei is a company that is honest and insists on the concept of long-term cooperation and trust." This is the culture that supports our stable and long-term growth :

  1. There are no celebrity employees at MEAN WELL, but we have a group of sincere, practical and responsible team partners. Some engineers have joined the ranks of MEAN WELL since graduating from school. Some are engineers who have worked in other companies with relevant technical experience. Together, they form a strong R & D engineering team of MEAN WELL. So that our technology can continue to innovate and inherit.
  2. There are no superstar products at MEAN WELL, but we have many models, and each product is carefully designed, engineered and engineered by engineers to provide an optimized quality-price ratio, and we continue to improve quality, increase production and lower prices every year.
  3. If you are a supplier of new materials, although you cannot get a high transaction value in the early stage, you can definitely feel the sincerity of Ming Wei to cooperate with you for a long time. Because we focus on long-term cooperation, stable quality and delivery time, and reasonable profits, most of the suppliers have a close working relationship with MEAN WELL for many years.
  4. If you are a new customer, you can feel the sincere service attitude of MEAN WELL to you. We will suggest you to make a small sample and understand each other, and then gradually increase the order quantity. In the future, you will feel the spirit and problems we have said and done. Responsible attitude when solving. Because we focus on long-term relationships, 65% of our company's turnover comes from our long-term customer base of more than 10 years.

The CPU to the brain of the device is just like the Power Supply to the heart of the device. The loss caused to a user by a failure often exceeds the price of the power supply. We firmly believe that the power supply industry is a trusted industry. Professional technology, Product quality and company reputation are the lives of power supply manufacturers. The people of MEAN WELL need to continuously innovate and improve, provide optimized PQCDSR (product, quality, price, delivery time, service, relationship), and withstand the long-term test of customers, and obtain long-term trust from customers in order to sustainably operate.

Thanks to customers, employees, and suppliers for their cooperation and support. Let us continue this culture of trust. We also welcome new members from all sides to join the ranks of MEAN WELL. We sincerely expect MEAN WELL to become your permanently trusted power partner.