Brand story

In 1982, the founder, Mr. Lin Guodong, set up Mingwei to produce Switching Power Supply compatible with APPLE and IBM PC. The original name was "MEAN WELL", which was derived from looking up the meaning in the English dictionary : Have good intentions.

`` MEAN WELL '' from the English dictionary

This implication is in line with Mr. Lin's philosophy of life. He believes that as long as he has a right mind, goodwill, and decent business, regardless of his current ability, as long as the direction is right, he should be persistent and down to earth, and pronounce it in English by MEAN WELL. Transliterate the Chinese word "Ming Wei".

In 1986, Taiwan ’s electronics foundry orders grew rapidly. MEAN WELL gradually abandoned the ODM / OEM business model and switched to operating its own brand. It developed with standard industrial power supplies, emphasizing quality and reliability. "" MEAN WELL means Quality Switching Power Supply "The external marketing symbolizes that MEAN WELL provides customers with high-quality power products with a sincere attitude. MEAN WELL stands for "The Mark of Reliability", which gives customers a sense of trust in MEAN WELL.

1988 Itabashi Office

In 1993, he promoted ISO9001 and TQM comprehensive quality management systems, formulated quality systems, set up TQM committees, clearly formulated the quality policy and corporate culture of MEAN WELL, and integrated brand spirit and quality requirements into daily work.

Quality Policy and Corporate Culture

In 1997, the corporate identification mark was revised to use "Your Reliable Power Partner" and "your trusted power partner" as corporate advertising slogans. Adhering to the spirit of solid, practical, step by step, to enhance the competitiveness of the company-PQCDSR (product, quality, cost, delivery, service, trust relationship), to provide customers with power products trusted by the long-term, to become its permanent trusted power partners.

In 2010, MEAN WELL was awarded the "2010 Taiwan Excellent Brand Award" by the International Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The founder, Mr. Lin Guodong, received the award on behalf of MEAN WELL Group. This award affirms the long-term efforts and achievements of MEAN WELL's own brand.