Salary and benefits

Better than the industry's salary system

  1. Fixed salary adjustment every year, salary is better than peers
  2. Enjoy a 3-month bonus at the end of the 15-month period;
  3. Depending on personal performance and job characteristics, enjoy project bonuses, patent bonuses, performance bonuses, improvement point bonuses, etc.

Complete and rich employee benefits

  1. Full insurance coverage and payment of housing provident fund;
  2. Education / Training Grant
  3. Enjoy wedding funeral payments;
  4. Enjoy Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, birthday gifts, and red envelopes for the Spring Festival;
  5. Annual travel allowance;
  6. One annual high year dinner party and enjoy lucky draw opportunities;
  7. Health checkup every two years;
  8. Enjoy preferential working meals (free overtime meals);
  9. Provide short-term accommodation turnover;
  10. Badminton clubs, basketball clubs, outdoor clubs, cycling clubs, etc.