Learning development

Education and Training Policy
  • Adhere to the belief of sustainable operation and cultivate employees;
  • In line with the company's business strategy objectives, strengthen professional functions and stimulate personal potential;
  • Build a learning enterprise, and continue to innovate, improve, and inherit;
Training plan
  • Storage training engineer plan: to provide perfect job rotation training for newcomers in the workplace, with a special instructor responsible for job guidance, to find future development directions;
  • Pre-employment training: newcomer course with professional course, let you get started quickly;
  • On-the-job training: Post-related professional courses to help you grow, youth training courses, intermediate training courses provide opportunities for leadership development, enrich external training and open up horizons;
Multiple learning
  • Learning center: electronic file system to share professional course materials;
  • On-the-job training: self-improvement in learning, external training to learn new knowledge, and exchange learning with industry-leading technical personnel;
  • On-the-job training: internal technology sharing and new product technology release will make you learn from each other and keep improving;
Career development
  • Internal promotion: The promotion channels of the company's employees are unobstructed, and internal assessments are conducted every six months or one year to promote outstanding employees;
  • Department rotation: tailor-made career development maps;
  • Cross-company experience: exchanges and learning at the two factories in Guangsu, work experience in overseas branches;
  • Key talent training plan: Provide rapid development path for employees with outstanding performance